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 B  Paws, Purrs, Wags, Whiskers - PTN2784

 C  Paws Stocking Quilt Pattern - PTN2785

 B  Winter Welcome Card Holder & Table Topper - PTN2773

 I  Winter Stars - PTN2774

 B  Festive Felines Table Runner and Placemats - FREE DOWNLOAD

 C  Hocus Pocus - PTN2770

 C  Black Cat and Pumpkins - PTN2768

 C  Goose Chase - PTN2769

 C  Christmas Horses Quilt Pattern - PTN2771

 B  Tradition and Waiting Patiently - PTN2772

 B  Fast & Easy Gift Bags - The Cardinal's Visit - FREE DOWNLOAD

 I  Scarlet Reflections - PTN2750

 I  Celebrations Table Runner & Placemat Set - PTN2783

 B  Celebrations Table Topper - PTN2782

 C  Christmas Memories - PTN2781

 C  Holiday Traditions - PTN2780

 C  Country Kringle - PTN2751

 C  Presents from Santa - PTN2752

 B  My Canada Quilt - FREE DOWNLOAD

 C  Our Canada - PTN2757

 C  True Patriot Love - PTN2758

 C  Solstice - PTN2695

 I  Mountain View - PTN2696

 C  Dream - PTN2697

 I  Shark Bite - PTN2746

 C  Country Roads - PTN2733

 C  Urban Twist - PTN2734

 B  Moonlight Silhouette - PTN2743

 C  Midnight Reflection - PTN2744

 B  Dark Room - PTN2745

 C  Wild Thing - FREE DOWNLOAD

 C  Hopscotch - PTN2763

 C  Eight FQ Trip Runner - PTN2762

 C  Arrowdynamic - PTN2764

 C  On a Roll - PTN2759

 C  Call of Nature - PTN2760

 C  Rustic Refuge - PTN2761

 C  The Essential Tote - PTN2765

 I  Panel Panache - PTN2767

 C  The Regatta - PTN2766

 C  The Great Blue and Jacaranda Panel Quilt - FREE DOWNLOAD

 C  Natures Beauty - PTN2753

 I  Through the Looking Glass - PTN2754

 C  Cutting Garden - PTN2742

 C  In the Sunroom - PTN2740

 C  Garden Walk - PTN2741

 I  Diamonds on the Horizon - PTN2731

 B  Follow the Leader - PTN2729

 C  Savanna - PTN2730

 B  My America Quilt - FREE DOWNLOAD

 B  Friendship & Freedom - PTN2755

 C  American Pride - PTN2756