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Spruce Mountain Easy-Sew Advent Calendar Panel


Based on Spruce Mountain collection - by Deborah Edwards Northcott Studio

All you need is the easy-sew Advent calendar panel, backing fabric, batting and thread!

Please note there is a slight correction to the instructions printed on the panel.

Correction is below.


Advent Calendar Assembly:

  1. Cut out Advent Calendar by cutting along the edges of the panel.
  2. Create pockets by folding along lines marked “Fold”. Pin or baste and press.
  3. Cut backing and batting about 4” larger than calendar (after matching pockets). Layer backing (right side down, then batting, then calendar (right side up). Pin or baste through all layers.
  4. Quilt vertical bands, stitching through all layers. Be sure to keep tops of the pockets open for treats. Do NOT quilt pockets.
  5. Quilt the top section of the Advent Calendar as desired.
  6. Finish edges with binding and add hanging loops if desired.

Watch the instructions video by Laura Coia of Sew Very Easy. She is using a different panel but it has the same instructions! 




Patterns can be
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