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Skill Level: B Beginner
O Christmas Tree Advent Calendar

Northcott Studio

Based on O Christmas Tree collection - by Karen Tye Bentley

The panel transforms into an Advent Calandar with pockets for treats!

PLEASE NOTE:  Due to an error in the manufacturing process, the fold lines have not been marked on the panels.  Please disregard Step 2 of the instructions printed on the panel, and proceed as follows:

From the top edge of the full length pockets, measure down 2 1/2” and mark both edges of the panel.  From the bottom edge, measure up 2 1/2" and mark both edges of the panel.  This will divide the full length of the pockets into three equal segments approximately 2 1/2” each.  Fold on these markings, pin or baste, and press.  Repeat for each row of pockets.

Proceed to Step 3 of the instructions on the panel.



Patterns can be
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