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Farmer's Daughters Quilts

It all started on a beautiful farm in Iowa when we were about ten years old. We were bit by the entrepreneur bug. We started our sweet corn business with a few dozen ears of sweet corn, a red radio flyer wagon and two small paper signs that said "$1 per dozen!" "Sweet corn for sale!"

Our love for quilting came from our mother. One of our favorite sounds is hearing Gingher scissors cut out fabric on the kitchen table. Our mother was a fantastic seamstress long before she became an outstanding quilter. When we were in high school, Mom patiently taught us how to piece together our first quilt. Susan chose a two-color Irish Chain and Sarah chose a scrappy log cabin. Through the years we have enjoyed exploring all kinds of different types of patterns. With new inspiration from Sarah's quilt shop and Susan's profession as a graphic designer, we have started to design our own patterns together.


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Patterns by this Designer
PTNB0496 - Farner's Window

PTNB0472 - Farmer's Harvest

PTNB0470 - Farmer's Lullaby

PTNP099 - Farmer's Harvest

PTNP092 - Farmer's Gemstones

PTN3345 - Farmer's Window

PTN3331 - Farmer's Night Sky

PTNP090 - Farmer's Hay Bales

PTN3375 - Farmer's Prairie

PTN3342 - Farmer's Sunshine

PTN3325 - Farmer's View

PTN080 - Farmer's Spool

PTNP087 - Farmer's Harvest

PTNB0439 - Farmer's Window

PTNB0447 - Farmer's Stars & Stripes

PTNB0442 - Farmer's Prairie

PTNB0449 - Farmer's Hay Bales

PTN5132 - Farmer's Windmill

Farmer's Snowfall - PTN6037