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David Graham

David Graham was born in Miles City, Montana during the time his family was operating a ranch in the Powder River area east of Miles City. His family's deep roots in the western way of life have greatly influenced his art career. From an early age, David's parents and grandparents helped nurture in him interests in history, art, and the universally beneficial practice of hard work. He gives much credit to everyone who has encouraged him in the pursuit of his dreams and abilities, both friends and family.

David started painting with oils during his college years. During that same time, he worked side by side with his father on a ranch in eastern Montana, spending many hours in the saddle working cattle, fixing fence, irrigating hayfields, and a variety of other tasks. All the while learning the joy and fulfillment that is garnered from working sunup to sundown to the soundtrack of coyotes howling and meadowlarks singing.

David made the move to full-time painting in January of 2008. He spent years living and painting in Montana's version of the city, which is still the country for some folks and had to take trips to the wilderness and countryside to gain inspiration. Currently living on a quiet farm in the Yellowstone valley, David finds himself inspired by the horses, deer and cattle that also live there.

As an artist, what David looks forward to the most is his time spent gathering research material. Whether riding horseback in the badlands, or hiking a quiet mountain trail, it is his love for the beauty he sees around him that drives and motivates him in his work as a painter. His time spent outside is where the creative process starts, and ultimately what fuels his work in the studio.

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