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Chad Poppleton

Chad Poppleton, a resident of Cache Valley, Utah, has been passionate about art for as long as he can remember.  His interest began while on the farm and ranch with his father and grandfather working with animals, understanding their attitudes, behaviors, and confirmations.  Chad’s father, also an artist, taught him how to draw and look at things with an artist's eye.   

Chad's experiences while hunting, fishing and exploring the mountains has molded his relationship with nature.  Observing wildlife and being in their environment captivates him.  “Interpreting the behavior and character of each animal in its natural environment is the motivation for my work.  Studying, sketching, life painting, and observing the animal’s behavior helps me to find their characteristics and relay that into the canvas.” 

He studied at Utah State University, directed by Glen Edwards, and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts/ Illustration.  Chad continues to further his education by taking workshops and critique from many accomplished artists: such as Jim Norton, Jim Wilcox, Grant Redden, Jason Rich, and Dave Wade.

These are a few of the fine art galleries where you will find Chad's works: Legacy Gallery - Jackson Hole, Wyoming; Scottsdale, Arizona; and Bozeman, Montana;Collectors Covey - Dallas, Texas; Coeur d'Alene Galleries - Coeur d'Alene, Idaho;

He was featured in the 21 under 31 in Southwest Art Magazine in 2002. Chad has been profiled in Sporting ClassicsArt of the West,Western Art Collector, and SouthWest Art Magazine. He is the youngest artist in the C.M. Russell Museum’s Skull Society of Artists and is also the featured artist for the South Eastern Wildlife Expo. He has been in the top 100 for Arts for the Parks in 2001-2004. He currently participates in the prestigious Collectors Covey Miniature Show, and has exhibited in the Charlie Russell Museum, National Museum of Wildlife Art, Scottsdale Art Auction, as well as The Center for the Arts Benefit in Jackson Hole. Chad supports many local art clubs and conservation efforts in his region.

One of Chad’s proudest accomplishments was earning the Bob Kuhn Wildlife Award from the National Museum of Wildlife Art. “As an artist, my objective is to represent the subjects of wildlife correctly and accurately to the best of my ability. It’s critically important for me to pick up each little difference in nature and portray that in the canvas to engage the viewer emotionally within the piece. My hope is for the viewer to understand the character of the animal and environment.” As an avid sportsman and conservationist, Chad spends as much time in the field as he does at the easel. His paintings are a reflection of his love for the animals, wilderness areas, and the great outdoors.

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