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Jody Bergsma

Residing in Bellingham Washington on a small ranch with her daughters and many animals, Jody is a talented artist with a diverse painting style that has developed over many years and thousands of paintings. She paints in all mediums, oil, acrylic, and watercolor. Her earliest works were charming children’s illustrations that she sold at Northwest art shows to pay for her education.

Jody's watercolor technique is self taught. Her engineering degree is reflected in her compositions and demonstrates Jody’s love of mathematics and geometry. She seemlessly blends these elements with her imaginative inner visions to create her unique style.

She is often asked about her use of aboriginal, native, and geometric symbols. Her ongoing studies introduced her to many ancient cultures and the beauty of their designs. By respectfully working with these images, Jody participates in the significance of our history and reintegrates their symbols into our modern culture. She has also illustrated six books, 3 of which she authored. Check out more of Jody's work on!

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