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Elise Genest

In her studio located in Québec, Elise Genest works her inimitable magic to create awe-inspiring paintings that bring the very essence of her subjects to life. Indeed, each work of art exudes her subjects’ souls. Her paintings feature one or several horses that are highlighted by a contemporary play between shadows and light. 
Elise has a penchant for painting Iberian horses. She draws her endless inspiration from their theatrical personality and expressiveness. She captures the look in their eyes and their distinct personalities and complicity—evoking deep-felt emotions for people who are passionate about horses. 
Photography plays an important part in how Elise creates her paintings. She travels extensively to become inspired by different places and settings. Some of her photographs are masterpieces themselves, not needing to be revisited with brushstrokes. Others are references for her paintings. Her creative process includes a long period for reflection and research, followed by intense and spontaneous painting sessions. Once she starts to become what she calls “creatively possessed,” her paintings come to life in less than 24 hours. 
Elise was first recognized for her incredible talent when she presented her paintings to potential collectors and offering her services to create portraits for horse owners locally and abroad. Today, she exhibits her work at major equestrian events throughout North America and Europe.  Elise is very active on social media, showcasing her most recent paintings, masterpieces she is currently working on, and her thoughts on her art and subjects. She fosters close connections with her ever-growing fan base, which includes both horse and art lovers.

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