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Stephanie Brandenburg of Frond Design Studios

Stephanie started designing fabric in 2008. Her style of design was born out of her love for painting. She was painting fabric designs before she knew how to sew. She started painting each of her designs by hand. At the time she had three young daughters at home, and since acrylic paint dries the fastest, it became the medium of choice. Each fabric design was created as a piece of fine art.

Stephanie started Frond Design Studios in 2012. She was determined to bring an independent, woman owned company to the marketplace. Through the years, as her reputation grew in the fabric industry and people started to become more acquainted with her work, she began to translate her fabrics into unique projects for sewing and quilting.

Frond Design Studios has become known for iconic and beautiful flowers. It was inspiring for Stephanie to see the way her fans connected with each bloom in their own personal way. She began to learn from the excellent sewists around her and found clues and details in beautiful vintage quilts at her mother’s store where she worked for twenty years.

Stephanie received her Bachelor of Arts degree in History in 1994, long before she realized her appreciation for the rich history in quilts. This fusion of art and history has continued to push the boundaries of Stephanie’s art and design. The business side of Frond Design Studios, managing staff, bookwork and the demands of a growing business took her focus away from painting. She was caught up in a tidal wave of managing day to day operations and would look longingly at the canvases in her studio loft waiting to be painted. The calling that started it all had become elusive.

When the opportunity came to partner with the wonderful company and staff of Northcott Fabrics, Stephanie was thrilled. This partnership will answer the calls of the canvases and a myriad of beautiful new work will be flowing into the world when we need it the most.

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