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Kris Driessen of Phoebe Moon Designs

Kris started sewing when she was young, learning from her mother and grandmother. She made her first quilt when she was 16 as a wedding gift for a friend.

Kris began her love of antique quilts and vintage textiles at Hartwick College in Oneonta NY. There she was able to study women’s history and she quickly realized how much their lives were reflected in cloth. She started collecting old damaged and destroyed quilts so she could study the fabric and construction techniques. Later Kris did quilt restoration, using the fabric from those donor quilts. She still believes that the best way to learn is by touching and examining. If you ever attend one of her workshops, you will find yourself handling items that are hundreds of years old.

Kris started traveling and teaching with the Quiltbus in 1996. Her husband and daughter would work on the bus while she taught at the guild, museum, or historical society that had hired them. They traveled as far west as Colorado and as far south as Texas.

She started doing online quilt mysteries in 2004 and from that grew PhoebeMoon Quilt Patterns. Kris named this line of patterns for the brightest and most inventive of all the goddesses in Greek mythology.

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Patterns by this Designer
Seaside Adventure - PTNP065

Stepping Stone - PTNP5110

Four of Diamonds - PTNP5102

Remy's Garden - PTN6034

Jumping Jack - PTN6030

Woodland Spirit - PTNB0407

Dinosaur Time - PTN3170

Ocean Breeze - PTN3200

Dancing In The Stars - PTNP5079

Pennies From Heaven - PTNB0364

Double Trouble - PTNB0373

Chocolate Covered Cherries - PTNB0353

Autumn Night - PTN3143

Bigfoot - PTN3073

Winter Morning - PTN3088

Willowberry Diamonds - PTNP025

Willow Station - PTN3095

October Surprise - PTNB0335

Save the Whales - PTN3047

Catercorner - PTN5045

Happy Hubby - PTN3018

Mary's Violet Eyes - PTN2986

Growing Garden - PTNP008

Passion - PTNP010

November Night - PTN3001

123 Baby! - PTN3015

Mahjong - PTN2974

Holly Berries - PTNB0268

Arctic Mountains Runner - PTNB0245

Windy City - PTNB0251

Enchanted Forest - PTN2926

Welcome Baby - PTN2917

Watermelon Table-Topper or Mini Quilt - PTN2879

Celebration - PTN2867

With Love - PTN2831

Deus Ex Machina - PTN2851

Birds of a Feather - PTN2858

Good Morning! - PTN2853

Circle of Fifths