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Laureen Smith of Tourmaline & Thyme Quilts

Laureen Smith is a recovering corporate director, who is embracing her creative drive by picking up her needles again. Her mother and grandmother fostered her artistic talents with needlepoint, cross stitch, sewing, crocheting, and quilting from a very early age. She has combined her formal engineering education with her artistic passion to create new quilt patterns. She enjoys trying new techniques to express her ideas.
Laureen started quilting in earnest when she graduated from college. Never one to start slow, she machine-pieced and hand-quilted a king-sized quilt for her sister’s wedding present. Since then, she has attended workshops from several quilting idols such as Paul Nadelstern and Carol Doak. Most importantly, she has learned from fellow quilters and artisans including Pat Pauly and Patty Cline of Chestnut Bay Quilting. Laureen uses EQ8 to design most of her quilts. She has earned her Longarm Certification from APQS.
She is often asked about her company name – Tourmaline & Thyme Quilts. Tourmaline means “gemstones of many colors” in Sinhalese (Sri Lanka where many are found) and they symbolize creativity and energy. Thyme symbolizes courage. Laureen encourages people to have courage and play with color in their quilts. 
In addition to needlework, Laureen loves spending time with her family, playing with her two crazy dogs and demanding cat, gardening, hiking with friends, baking up a storm, reading historical fiction, and sipping a good wine. She is blessed to have a supportive husband, two amazing sons, a wonderful daughter, two adorable grandchildren. Laureen currently resides in Dover, DE.
Currently, she has designed patterns for several different fabric manufacturers. They are either available on the website or free from the manufacturers. She enjoys the challenge of receiving the fabrics, making new designs for their approval, and then developing the patterns to accompany them. Laureen also enjoys making quilts for charity quilt alongs.
Laureen has been published in QuiltWorld, McCalls Quilting, Fons and Porter Love of Quilting, and Quick + Easy Quilts magazines.

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Patterns by this Designer
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Moroccan Star - PTNP045

Counting Stars - PTN3194

Forest Frame - PTN3165

Ginkgo Leaf Frame - PTN3192

Lily Frame - PTN3196

Maple Tracks - PTN3169

Cedar Log Cabin - PTN3204

Vestibule - PTN3187

Puzzling Plains - PTNB0375

Pansy Time - PTNB0387

Spice Mill - PTNB0384

Summer Cactus Blooms - PTNP5085

Cosmopolitan Runner - PTNB0370

Rohan Rouge - PTNB0363

In The Groove - PTNB0372

Star Light, Star Bright - PTN5067

Tons of Tartan (Canada) - PTN3158

Tons of Tartan - PTN3158

Parade Ground - PTN3124

Safely Sailing Away - PTN3145

Wolf Pack - PTN3126

Explosion of Poppies - PTN3117

Happy Patches - PTN3135

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Wildwood Fringes - PTN3085

Charleston Frame - PTN3101

Framed With Love - PTN3082

Santa's Edge - PTN3111

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Cats & Bats - PTN3098

Dutch Diamonds - PTNB0341

Pearls of Wisdom - PTNB0337

Venetian Fanfare - PTN5046

Preservation - PTNB0313

Botanical Eyelet - PTNB0298

Speck in the Eye - PTNB0300

Prairie Daisy Chain - PTNB0306

Girls' Weekend - PTN3059

Bangles and Beads - PTNB0315

Flawed Diamonds - PTNB0314

Fractured Falcon - PTN3056

San Marco - PTN3039

Be One - PTN6024

Wings Outside my Window - PTN3049

Let me be your Light/Break in the Storm - PTN3052

High Notes, Low Notes - PTN6018

City Flowers - PTN6019

Tons of Tartan - PTN3007

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