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Patience Griffin

Award-winning author Patience Griffin has been writing and sewing her whole life but didn’t discover her love of quilting until her late thirties. She decided the best way to acquire her first quilt was to make one for herself.


At nearly the same time, she started commuting three and half hours a day for her dream engineering job. To pass the time on the long drive, she got hooked on audiobooks—especially books with love stories. Within a couple of years, she was writing stories of her own. It was no surprise to her family and friends when she combined her love of quilting, her small town roots, and her obsession with her Scottish heritage.


She has gained some recognition with her September 11th Story Quilt which has toured the country as the property of the Pentagon. She has a master's degree in nuclear engineering, but is perhaps best known for her award-winning series of Kilts & Quilts® books set in the fictional Scottish town of Gandiegow. Patience's first collection for Banyan Batiks, Kilts and Quilts® was inspired by the books and their setting, and is soon to include patterns for cusions and quilts featured in the books themselves!



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