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Andrea Tachiera

Andrea Tachiera loves designing for licensing and has been creating with joy for many years. With a background in both architecture and Illustration, this seasoned artist loves to create classic American designs in themes that range from Beach and Lodge scenes to gardening and Holiday collections.

Inspiration comes in many forms for this California artist. Her many designs are filled with the colors and textures of the coastal and mountain regions of her native state and she looks for emerging trends and ideas in trips abroad, Interior design magazines and excursions to the local Flea market.

“I am influenced by the things that go on around me every day-Sometimes it can be a crate of citrus fruits at the farmer’s market, or a day trip to Napa when the grapes are being harvested- I am blessed to be living in a beautiful and diverse area where there is never a lack of new ideas or interesting subjects to draw from.”

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