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Antoana Oreski


Antoana is a freelance illustrator who graduated from a School of Applied Art & Design. Currently residing on the wonderful Istrian peninsula in Croatia, she lives with her husband and two daughters. As a little girl Antoana's favorite time of the day was listening to her mother's bedtime stories and watching Disney animated movies, which gave her imagination a sense of direction in character development and a passion to draw, create and explore. 

With a love of experimenting, Antoana is always playing with textures and patterns to get that extra 'depth'; inspired by anything that yearns to tell it's story to the world!

"I believe that, as an artist, you never stop growing and maturing so it's essential to always invest in yourself and to cultivate your talent. That being said, I love taking new and challenging courses which cover different markets. It helps honing my skills and they keep me on my toes, reminding me there's always more to learn and I always have so much more inside me I am able to give through my work."

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