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MJ Kinman

MJ makes the biggest diamonds in the world, but instead of working with the hardest substances on Earth, she works with the softest – cloth.

The adventure started over 25 years ago when she came across an image of a gorgeous gem. With only a basic understanding of quilting techniques and no knowledge whatsoever of gemology, she was unsure how to transform that image into an art quilt. However, she knew there had to be a way and was determined to find it. After seven years of research and experimentation, she made her first gem portrait.

Inspired by images of actual gemstones, MJ’s work can include up to 1,500 pieces of hand-painted fabric and take up to 250 hours to complete. It’s a labor of love, and she adores every aspect of the work.

Living with her husband Joe and three adopted pups in her adopted hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, it’s apt that her current series is titled “Bourbon Diamonds”. As a way to celebrate Kentucky’s iconic spirit, each piece in the series is inspired by an actual Kentucky Bourbon distillery. In 2018, Maker’s Mark Distillery commissioned MJ to create a giant work for their permanent art collection.



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