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Charles Wysocki

Any long-time Charles Wysocki fan can tell you all about “Chuck” - his deep sense of patriotism, his devotion to his family, and his dedication to his craft.  Whether painting a seasonal or holiday scene, a village square, a coastal scene or his captivating cats, Chuck’s inspiration shines through love of life, love of family, and love of home. 

The universal appeal of his work has led to numerous prestigious awards, the reproduction of his art is seen licensed on to hundreds of many successful products sold worldwide from wall calendars and tabletop to gift products, textiles and jigsaw puzzles.  Chuck work engages a large and loyal following of fans and as a result, he is one of America’s most beloved artists.

A city boy from Detroit who graduated from the Art Center in Los Angeles, Chuck fell in love with the simplicity and warmth that he observed on his wife’s family farm.  This old fashioned way of life became his artistic vision and while his works draw on every era in American history, each painting is timeless in the sincerity of its vision; reminding us of the innocent pleasures and simple dreams at the heart of every American.

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