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Urban Elementz - Patricia E. Ritter

While pursuing her degree in Fine Arts, Patricia E. Ritter established her artistic voice working predominantly in clay. Soon her talents expanded to include working with metals, and for the next 15 years she worked professionally as a jeweler and gallery owner.

Patricia’s relationship with quilting bloomed out of a need to strengthen her fine motor skills through needlework. Her quilting experience quickly grew from dabbling on a domestic machine to conquering California Kings on her own longarm machine. Not finding the kind of designs she was envisioning for her quilting, she put pencil to paper and began making her own.

Inspired by the foliage and flowers within and around her native Miami, Patricia’s original selection of designs rapidly multiplied into a vast and diverse collection. Her innovative design techniques have created a new standard of quilting & became the foundation of the philosophy for Urban Elementz. While the ideas of Patricia and her team of young, gifted designers are rooted in traditional quilting, their creative direction is continuously fresh and unexpected.

It was a natural progression to branch out beyond quilting designs into the beautiful world of color and texture with Applique Elementz. These appliqué embody the Urban Elementz process of evolving the traditional into the unique, pairing whimsical combinations of dots, stripes, and bold color.


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