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Patti Carey of Patti's Patchwork

Patti is the Vice President – Public Relations for Northcott, where she headed up the marketing/sample department from 1986 to 2012. This included co-ordinating Northcott’s pattern program to support the new fabric collections, as well as liaising with the various quilting magazines, book publishers and quilt designers to provide current collections of fabric for editorial projects.

Currently she travels to quilts guilds and shops to inspire and educate quilters with interesting and entertaining presentations on how fabric is designed, and how to use it to her best advantage. Her comprehensive line of quilt patterns utilize efficient and time-saving techniques, and are available through her website at

She has also published a book entitled “A Taste of Napa Valley”. She was a regular contributor to The Quilter magazine and continues to contribute to the Fons & Porter group of publications. She has recently designed her first fabric collection, Vino, for Banyan Batiks, a division of Northcott. Patti is married and has 2 boys.  In her spare time, she enjoys cycling, golfing and snowboarding.

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Outdoor Adventure - USA

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Patterns by this Designer
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Barn Raising - PTN3180

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Sashed - PTN6026

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Hometown Holidays - PTN2928

Healing Waters - PTN2950

Northern Nights - PTN2943

All Set - PTN2901

Take Flight - PTN2899

Stratify - PTN2933

Rooster in the Hen House (Destination Himalayas & Ireland) - FREE DOWNLOAD

Splashy Split Stars - PTNB0206 (Caribbean)

Splashy Split Stars - PTNB0206 (Amazon)

Rooster in the Hen House - FREE DOWNLOAD

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Framed - PTNB0211

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Garden Trellis - PTN2722

Mod Squad - PTNB0169

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Splendid Split Stars - PTN2715

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