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Larene Smith of The Quilted Button

I can remember my mom sewing when I was very young and the words “Do not touch my sewing machine”.  What a way to intrigue a child.  There began my interest in sewing.  When my mom was getting ready to move to Texas to help my aunt with our grandparents I asked her to show me how to make a quilt.  She took the time to teach me how to make a "9-Patch" into a quilt.  What a glorious day we had!  I took what she had taught me and pulled out the old fabric from the attic and began playing.

 I began designing for Fabric Manufacturers in May of 2008 and I was off and running.  I was honored to teach nationwide for several years.  One day I stopped as needed to help with my mom.  I now teach College Quilting Classes along with classes at a few Quilt Shops.  

One day out of the blue I received a call from Northcott wondering if I would like to design for them again.... I said "YES".  To this day I am honored to design and teach others.  I cannot express my gratitude to Northcott for this wonderful opportunity.


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