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 B   Beginner    
 C   Confident Beginner    
 I   Intermediate    
 A   Advanced    

 C  Eagles in Flight - PTN2521

 C  Northern Comfort Rag Quilt - FREE DOWNLOAD

 B  Frost Bite Baby Quilt - FREE DOWNLOAD

 I  Spikey - PTN2303

 B  Panelrama - PTN2571

 B  Mountain Vista - PTN2575

 B  My Mountains - PTN2576

 C  Cardinal Wreath - PTN2490

 B  Comfy and Cozy Lap Quilt - PTN2491

 C  Beach Umbrellas - PTNB0098

 C  All Around the Pinwheel - PTNB0103

 C  Canadian Tribute Quilt - PTN2558-10

 C  Raven's Halloween - PTN2495

 C  Twizzle - PTNB0111

 C  Standing Stones - PTN2442

 B  Sweetie - PTN2511

 I  Picture This Country - PTN2502

 C  Versatile Tote - FREE DOWNLOAD

 B  Butterfly Illusion - FREE DOWNLOAD

 B  Deck the Halls Table Runner - FREE DOWNLOAD

 C  Horse Corral - PTNB0113

 C  Western Retreat - PTNB0112

 C  Western Retreat - PTNB0112

 C  Essential Tote - PTNB0096

 C  Winter Refuge - PTN2503

 C  Flower Pots - PTN2531

 I  Radiant Energy - PTN2526

 C  Wild Fire - PTN2533

 I  Pathways - PTN2534

 C  All Squared Away - PTN2527

 C  Rolling Hills - PTN2528

 C  Shimmering Chain - PTN2535

 I  Dazzle - PTN2529

 I  Reverie - PTN2532

 I  Morning Star - PTN2530

 C  Great Heights - PTN2568

 I  Where my Heart Is - PTN2563

 C  Home Is... - PTN2562

 I  Midnight Runner - PTN2557

 C  Reflections - PTN2549

 I  Nakaniwa - PTN2565

 C  Geisha in the Garden - PTN2564

 C  Granny Squares - PTN2555

 I  Lava Lamps - PTN2550

 C  Shadow Squares - PTN2554

 C  Illusion - PTN2551

 C  Slumber Bears - PTN2556

 C  PTN2544 - Drive Thru Placemats & Table Topper

 C  Framed Log Cabins - PTN2545

 C  Silver Lining - PTN2539

 I  Bouquet Medallion - PTN2538

 I  Vista Boxes - PTN2574