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Elaine Quehl


Renowned Canadian quilt artist, fabric dyer and teacher, Elaine Quehl is best known for her dramatic art quilts featuring foliage and flora.  The hand dyed fabric used in her quilts provides a wide range of colors and values to create the depth and contrast that is so characteristic of her work.  Elaine’s quilts are alive with color and light reflecting nature’s beauty.

Elaine grew up on a farm in Southern Ontario where she was surrounded by the quilts made by her great-grandmothers, grand-mother and her mother.  Elaine graduated from Carleton University where she studied Anthropology and Religion and spent a couple of decades working in administrative positions at universities and colleges in Ontario.  In her spare time, she began a journey into quilting, beginning with traditional quilts in 1996. She soon found herself seduced by art quilts. 

Today Elaine re-creates the dynamic and visual drama found in nature that is at once bold and sensual, evoking an emotional response to her internationally award winning quilts.  She travels extensively to deliver lectures and workshops and is a part-time faculty member of the Haliburton School of the Arts.

Elaine is a professional artist member of Studio Art Quilt Associates, a professional member of the Canadian Quilters Association.  For more information about Elaine, her workshops and lecture schedule, please visit her website.



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